Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Whakapono 20 Term 3

Welcome back Whakapono 20 ....

Its so great to see you all ready for this term, we have entered into the term with some great learning extra curriculum activities already. 
We are preping for Cook Island Language week in Week 2 and then Camp at Lakewood Lodge in Week 4.
A trip to Auckland city to 'Let's Act and then to the Zoo later in the term.
We are really looking forward to this all happening this term.

Week ONE
Mr Anand relieved in Whakapono 20 for two weeks. We are very greateful of how you kept everyone afloat while Mrs Sagote was away in the United States of America.

While our teacher was away we had lots or Reading and Writing. Our writing genre is Persuasive writing, so we were learning how to write a Persuasive piece of writing.
We have our drafts in our books which we hope to publish soon.

Week TWO

This week we celebrated Cook Island Language week. We learnt about their culture and how many people lived in the Cook Islands. We learnt that Rarotonga are different from the Cook Islands too.
Here are some of the photos we manage to capture on the main day which was Friday. Some work is also on our walls in our room if you would like to come in and see it.

Our Cook Island group 
Kara Samuelu with her sister with Cara Parsons and a ex teacher and her baby.
The few teacher s who chose to do a cook island dance.
Smiley buddy 
Manaia, Nora, Kara
We really enjoyed our week it was lots of fun.

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