Friday, 6 July 2018

Whakapono 20 Week 10

This week we have been making nga putiputi (flowers) with paper. 
We had been learning about Harakeke as this is the harvesting to Matariki. Harvesting the harakeke to make putiputi or nga kete.
The children have learnt the many uses of harakeke. 
Here we have the boys weaving, concentrating and enjoying our hands on experience.


The outcome of our Paper harakeke putiputi.

However... after making the putiputi out of paper, we then used harakeke to make more.

This is hung in the Hall, please feel free to come look at our work.

Continuing our learning of MATARIKI...
We learned about Manu Aute or Manu Tukutuku.
The significance of a Manu Tukutuku is to send messages to your ancestors or past loved ones to share how much they are missed as Manu Tukutuku when in the air are closer to Heaven to send the messages.


Our Manu Tukutuku will be completed with feathers with messages on them and hung in our hub.

The boys in Whakapono 20 were at first apprehensive to weave, but once they saw how it was hands on, most of the boys were able to complete their weaving. They helped the girls too.
Our Matariki study will be completed with a Hakari to celebrate the end of Matariki. As we will be heading into the holidays we wont be able to celebrate the closing with a hakari.


Here we are being read to...
We have been given free books from these sponsors.. we want to promote reading to at school and at home.. With these books, children get to hear the fluency and vocabulary of words the children may be unfamiliar with. We thank you sponsors.


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