Friday, 29 June 2018


In the ILE we used the states of matter in experiements and displayed our work for all families and classes to view our learning. We made Lava lamps, Ice cream, crystals, slime, Obleck, playdough and dancing raisins.
The children loved the hands on experiences of making things. 
Congratulations kids you did awesome!!!





Phone shrills with the voice of Mr Vasau...
We hear him say, "All classes we have an ice cream for everyone, Finlayson School has so kindly called to say we have ice cream to share... so come out to the carpark and you make eat it when you walk back to class."
Whakapono 20 were so stoked and thankful.


Thank you Finlayson School


Whakapono 20 have been using the seesaw to produce evidence of their learning and understanding of general knowledge and recording themselves. They have been given the opportunity to record their learning of their science project and explain it and then having the teacher make a QR SCAN out of it. The children were very proud of their work and confident to record themselves.

Thank you to Mr Vasau, we were given tickets and the lucky boy who received them was Walter Tausala. A double pass to the Warriors game for you and your parent of your choice!!!


Thank you for viewing our blog.

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  1. What a very funky blog #Whakapono20 ... I love your format and cook headings and fonts ... your Ice Cream comments were shared by many class blogs ... Seesaw is something we hope to roll out to all students in 2019!



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