Wednesday, 15 August 2018


Wake up call from Mrs Sagote at 6.30am to wake our eyes up... Yes we had survived the SURVIVAL of being in the cold and on the floor. What a long night, we can't wait to sleep in a warm room with a comfy bed in the dorms with our other friends.

7.15am we had our bags all ready to move into the dorms while the next groups who were going to SURVIVAL moved out of the dorms.
7.30am with breakfast of cereals and toast, after doing the dishes and sweeping, we all started preparing for our activities of the day.

Mrs Sagote's group was Kayaking. We had some children who were very nervous as they didn't know how deep the water was but they soon found out. 

Josiah and Torian loved the challenge of racing each other, with Pouli and DJ not wanting to come out after learning to paddle fast.
Once they had finished they were able to jump off the wharf into the water before coming back up to have morning tea then head back out for number two activity.


Our group there was a lot of fear but our kids were able to conquer some of their fears by giving it a go. It was very windy and they were very worried they would fall. But overall they all gave it ago.. except our DJ.. he was very worried he would fall and no one would catch him.


This was a milestone for many of our children today... the fear they had from brushing the pony's to riding on them. The instructors gave them very detailed instructions of how to ride and who to act around a horse so you do not scare the pony suddenly.

And these are the days of today!!
Watch this space for Day 3


  1. Well done for survivng! Looks like your all having a blast at camp. I love the photos and video. Thank you for sharing.



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