Tuesday, 14 August 2018


The day has finally come... yes Camp Lakewood Lodge

We are so excited and can't wait to see whats a head of us.

We are here after the bus ride and all ready for the activities. We were put into groups and Mrs Sagote had group 3. We made our chants back at school so when the guys Mr Vincent and Mr Ben asked us to get together to make our chants we were all ready. 
Our first activity was SURVIVAL... we spent the day in the wet cold rainy weather... doing all survival things... it was hard to take photos as Whaea Tania who is the Operations Manager said we shouldn't take our cameras or phones out as they might fall in the mud. But Mrs Sagote managed to take some photos of us. We had to save someone in the bush and fix them up with whatever was out in the bush. We also had to collect items that would attract a helicopter to save us with a sign SOS... that was cool says Josiah.
I'm cold said Kaitu, Kiara-Lee and Torian but they managed to finish the SURVIVAL with the Mud run.. So awesome to see all our kids make the most of camp... 
Dinner was macaroni & cheese with salad and roasted potatoes.
Dessert with Apple crumble and chocolate ice cream.

After cleaning up we went down to the hall to play our last game for the night, we didn't do the Burma trail as it is really windy and we did't want to get hurt on our first night. We hope you enjoy reading our blog.
Watch this space for more.

Our Bus ride 

We have arrived at our designation

Whaea Tania explaining the EXPECTATIONS of CAMP

Our games before heading off to SURVIVAL

The human knot
Free from our Human knot

Torian freezing hehehe

Before the Mud Run

We had no pictures of the mud run as all our phones had died boooohooooo..


  1. Hi #Whakapono20 thanks for sharing your blog and photos from #Camp for #DayOne ... can’t wait to see more posts ... stay warm and safe!

  2. Thanks for photo can't wait for more 💖💖💖



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