Sunday, 11 February 2018

W20 - WEEK 2

This week was built of four days of learning. 
WAITANGI day was a day we learnt about WHY? we celebrate February 6. A lot of us children really didn't know why we celebrated this day, we thought it was a day spent with family at home or just going to families to have a BBQ. We learnt about how Waitangi was such a 'big deal' and we used that through our own Hub Treaty. We now know its a major promise to uphold and to believe in it with our all.
This week we started our Swimming programme. We were able to go on the bus provided by the Manukau Council to take us to our local swimming pools.

This is the checklist of achievement in the water. The Swimming Instructor teaches us and then we see if we can achieve it confidently. We will know if we have achieved our checklist at the end of 7 more weeks. We are very excited and really enjoyed our first lesson of assessment. We were put into groups to see how confident we can swim. Next week lets see what we will be learning.


Head leaders and House leaders
In W20 we very fortunate to have the Head Boy (Walter Tausala) Deputy Head Girl (Angela-Delcielo Paese) and House Captains Ngaau Hurrell (Kotare) Vira'ava Peua (Pukeko). We are very proud of our students in W20. May we grow and Soar to success in our Whakapono Yr 6 Team.

                           Having some fun 

Thank you for reading our blog. W20.

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  1. Congratulations students from RSroom20 who received their #LeadershipBadges for @RowandaleSchool for 2018 ...



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