Thursday, 7 February 2019


Talofa Malo lelei Bula vinaka Fakalofa lahi atu Kiaorana Kia ora

We welcome 25 children into Whakapono 20 this year, they all started with great attitudes to their learning already.
Here are some of our children already trialling DMIC which we will show and explain throughout the term.
They were given a maths problem and were tole this is the expectation, problem solve and share your answer, and by your using strategies, however the children need to agree with the strategy and talk about the reason yes or no.. Justifying their answer and then when they have come to their conclusion present it... So we are excited for our children to Inquire more...
Here is a link you may check to see Videos, Research and Why DMIC...? DMIC

Beginning to share ideas
Trying not to be shy

Thinking and Smiling

Talking and sharing

We have learnt about The Tiriti o Waitangi... What is a treaty? Why do we celebrate Waitangi day.. Why are we given a public holiday? 
Before & After work is up in our class with them producing a paragraph for their writing.

Thank you for visiting our blog. Our children are very excited to being and... so we are going to 

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  1. Sometimes our DMIC teacher comes into our class and we do problem solving for mathematics.



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