Wednesday, 17 October 2018


Welcome back Whakapono 20 to the last of the term. We have so many things on this term, We have our Whole school live performance in week 4. We have been practising very hard and making costumes so we are excited to perform in front of families and friends. We also have Auckland Live 'Lets Dance', Graduation, saying goodbye to our Year 6s, Parnell Pools and sports tournaments for the children who have put their hand up to play.

HATS are compulsory this term so we need to make sure we have our hats ready for this sun that will be beaming down on us this summer. 

PRIDE We need to continue using our PRIDE all the time. We have had a two week break and we should remember to use our PRIDE everyday now that we are back.

Have a great term and thank you for visiting our blog.

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