Friday, 23 March 2018


Print making

Hi and welcome to our learning in WHAKAPONO 20 for this week.

One day during week 6 we had Mr Ikitule take our class. We were to do our Art Printing and we were very excited.
First Mr Ikitule came and did shading with us and he told all of us the different tones one name was called cross hatching. He gave everyone a A4 white paper and told everybody to get a pencil. When everybody got a pencil he got his paper and his pencil and he drew the sun and the dark side and the light side.
We then sat at our tables and got started with shading, some people worked outside when we got our pencils ready. We first drew the sun than we drew the darker shade. We did the lighter shade after that. When we completed our shading we had to show our work to Mr Ikitule. That was the end of that day.

Our next Art lesson was the following week. Our lesson was about Artist’s. We were shown an Artist by the name of Andy warhol. He was an artist that had colours and lines.
My teacher showed everyone Andy warhol's arts then she gave everyone some questions to answer. When everybody  was done answering the questions we got started with our art.
We all got A4 paper and a pencil and our teacher gave all of us our photos, when we got our photo we had to lean next to the window and trace our photo. When we had finished tracing our photo we were then had to make sure we used cross hatching on the printing foam before we hopped onto it.
We received our printing foam, we had to make sure we had sharpen our pencil as we needed to make sure we could see the picture of us on the printing foam. We had to put our photo that we traced on the printing foam and make the paper more darker and then it will transfer to the printing foam and then we had to make the printing foam picture darker.
When all of us were done darkening our photo our teacher told everyone how to use the rollers to print our art of our faces. We got the roller, put the roller in the black paint and put it over the printing foam, we then got the 4 coloured paper and put the printing foam over the coloured paper, we then used the dry roller and rolled it down to make our print. When we had all finished we were to then put the coloured art of us onto A4 white paper and then glue the white A4 onto the black A3 paper. We finished it off with chalk with our names. And that was  week 8.

By Vishaka

Completed Ink print
Ranui at the printing phase
Evangeline with her precise tracing and cross hatching

Completed Art

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  1. These #Prints look amazing #Whakapono20 wow what a very talented #MrIkitule and I will come and have a look at them next week ... great artists at @RowandaleSchool



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